A need to evolve
Our goal was to bring our brand to a level of quality and sophistication on par with our product and with the top software companies in any space. And to bring RFPIO to life with a human element, making the brand look as warm and welcoming as employees and customers know it feels.
RFPIO was built as a point solution to the RFP response process. But it quickly grew into so much more than that. Teams are still using RFPIO to respond to RFPs, but they’re also responding to RFIs, DDQs, Security Questionnaires, Bids and Tenders. They’re using it to create Statements of Work, Proactive Proposals, and Grant Applications. And they’re using it to look up information during sales calls, respond to support tickets, and manage content.
RFPIO had evolved and the identity needed to evolve with it.
Building the RFPIO brand
To accomplish our goal we started with a complete brand and competitive analysis. This triggered bringing the brand messaging up-to-date with our product and creating an evolved mark and comprehensive brand guidelines.
From there every piece of the RFPIO brand was recreated under this new look, feel, and tone of voice. This involved a completely redesigned website, a new explainer video–that truly tells the story of our product and the benefits it provides, new email templates, a redesigned social media presence, and all new collateral from e-books to datasheets.

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