Rebranding to Responsive
Our most recent rebrand was an exceptionally collaborative experience and a genuine team effort. Barrett Hofherr served as our partner in reshaping our brand messaging and selecting the new name, "Responsive" — a name that precisely encapsulates our product, its capabilities, and the character of our company. They also delivered an authentically unique wordmark, preserving the essence of the original brand through detached pointed shapes that demonstrate a connection to the original RFPIO arrow.
Subsequently, we entrusted our long-time design partner, Dmitry Lepisov, and his team to create the icon for the completion of the logo. The outcome? The Responsive trefoil, an icon representing our vision of transforming information exchange, fostering forward momentum, and fueling growth — an icon that seamlessly complements the wordmark. The new logo and brand were then brought to life through animation by Jordan Sheer, a valued partner for us in the realm of video and animated graphics.

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